The challenge is to help people avoid missing compliance deadlines.

Doing so costs them money,  their reputation and sometimes leads to accidents and legal consequences

These compliance issues are so varied that it is not possible to write software to anticipate them all.   Expensive customised systems work for some kinds of large businesses, but what about the little ones ?  Especially when the owners are busy with the day to day running of things.

Harder still if you are a H&S consultant and have to shepherd lots of small businesses, persuading them all to keep up to date with hundreds of diverse compliance issues.




Breaking this big problem down in to smaller parts


  • How can one system work for such a wide variety of compliance issues ?
  • How can we present an overview of the state of play ?
  • How can we notify the right people in advance of a deadline ?
  • How can H&S experts setup the system without having to learn a fiddly new app ?
  • How can lines of responsibilities be made clear ?
  • How can associated photos and documents be associated with the issues ?
  • How to make it cheap enough for small businesses to afford ?