How to

Import your own information using a spreadsheet

You can upload your own data using a spreadsheet, but you’ll need to follow a few conventions so that we can process it.

This is an example of what the spreadsheet should look like. The conventions to follow are given below.


Each worksheet should contain only one kind of thing   

For instance, cars, fire extinguishers, fridges, first aid trainees etc. This is so that the columns of the worksheet only describe the attributes of that kind of thing.

Each row is an example of the kind of thing

For instance a specific car.  Use as many rows as you need.

Each row should have two columns called ‘Name’ and ‘Description’

The name should be unique in the list of rows.  For a car you could use the Registration, for people, their name.  This name will be used when messages are sent to people responsible for that kind of thing.

Use ‘Date of’ to start the name of columns representing check dates

For instance, the date of a car’s next MOT test would belong in a column called ‘Date of next MOT’.  We will colour these columns in traffic light colours to show overdue and imminent issues.

Add any other descriptive columns you like

Apart from the rules above, you can use other columns to describe the rows, for instance ‘Colour’ or ‘Serial Number’.

Make sure there are no blank rows or columns

For now, please make sure you’ve deleted any blank rows or columns

Export the worksheet as Comma Separated Values

For now, please export it as a CSV file.  We will soon be able to process complete .xls files.


After importing it, the same information will look like this, with deadlines highlighted in traffic light colours