For landlords

Landlords with big portfolios use expensive bespoke apps to manage their properties.

Our system on the other hand is useful for small scale amateur property owners who need reminders about gas safety checks, insurance, cleaning etc


  • Landlords receive timely emails about gas safety checks, Electrical Installation Condition Reports, insurance, that kind of thing
  • The landlord has a matrix showing any imminent or over due checks
  • Photos of the properties and documents can be stored online. 
  • Photos of any work done can be uploaded.
  • Responsibilities are clearly assigned for each kind of issue.

Put your properties in a spreadsheet.

In this video, each row is a house or flat and the columns are checks on them. You can create your own version with any number of rows, as long as each one has a unique name.

You can also make up new column names.  Save the spreadsheet as a .csv file and upload it.

Uploading new properties

Log into the app and click on ‘Add New Things’.  At the prompt in the generic name ‘Properties’. Then choose the .csv file you prepared earlier.   You can now click Save on each row and import them one by one.

the dates will now show up in traffic light colours so that you can see what needs doing.  

And the person responsible for properties will get email reminders when things become due.

Attach pictures and documents

This video shows how you can upload pictures of the properties, certificates and photos of any work done.