A steam rally

I don’t know how to organise a steam rally.

But the exhibitors probably need to provide things like insurance,  boiler certificates and driving licences.

The rides on the fair ground will need to be inspected and insured.

Outdoor caterers will need to provide layouts of chairs, insurance, menus.

These videos show how to set up and track these things.


Steam Engine
  • The organiser can see progress at a glance. A table of traffic lights will show who has provided the necessary information.
  • The landlord has a matrix showing any imminent or over due checks
  • Certificates, licences and photos of work can be uploaded

Make lists of the caterers, exhibitors and ride owners 

This two minute video shows how you can prepare lists of stuff and import them.  Once the dates are in the system, we will send out reminders to the relevant people when things become due.

You can make up new column names.  Save the spreadsheet as a .csv file and upload it.