Compliance tracking for Health and Safety Consultants

This is a service to help people keep track of compliance due dates.  We send reminders and alerts  to the right people when things need to be done and escalate alerts if issues are not resolved.

It costs a few pounds a month and requires nothing to be installed, apart from the mobile app described below.

Traffic light reports help you schedule work so and become more proactive.

There’s an App for it

People responsible for checking on compliance can download a free app to view a list of checks and update them.

They can mark their issues as done and upload photos as evidence. The system will automatically schedule a repeat of the check.  

These are pilots. Those in red and amber have overdue and imminent checks


Nobody else understands your client’s compliance issues as well as you do.   So we’ve designed a simple way for you to record these issues for each of them  and a mobile app for the client to keep their own status up to date.

In the screenshot below,   the rows are gliders and the columns are checks on those gliders.  But its really easy to set up new types of stuff to check on.  For instance the rows might be fridges, cars, fire safety areas in a building,  racking in a warehouse, flues in a kitchen etc.

We can easily add new kinds of check to each type of thing,  customising the name, descriptions, renewal interval and whether it is mandatory or not.

Assign responsibilities

You can use the web site to assign people to do the check and who to notify if the deadline is missed.
These people will get SMS and email messages describing what needs to be checked, so they can open the app or web site and close the issues.

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